Pterygium Pterygium


What is pterygium?

This is a condition where there is growth of tissue from over the white part of the eye to over the clear part of the eye, the cornea. Both eyes can be affected. Typically, it starts growing near the inside corner of the eye, but they can occur on the outside part of the eye as well.

What are the symptoms?

If the pterygium is increasing in size or threatening the vision of the eye, the pterygium can be removed with microsurgical techniques. Other catalysts for surgery would be if the pterygium is causing irritation or tearing, or if it is particularly red or unsightly.

How is a pterygium treated?

Not all pterygium require surgery. If you do require surgery, most operations are performed with local anaesthetic and sedation. It is a day stay procedure allowing you to go home on the day of the operation.

In the vast majority of cases, after Dr Singh removes the pterygium, he will perform a conjunctival auto graft. With this manoeuvre, a small piece of conjunctiva tissue is raised from the lining of the eyeball under the upper eyelid, and relocated to where the pterygium was originating. This reduces the recurrence rate of pterygium regrowth.

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